Oct. 5th, 2011


Oct. 5th, 2011 01:44 pm
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Lots of things have been happening lately, Brian's Birthday was on Monday and I think he had a good day. I cheated and picked up some food at Marks & Spencer since I couldn't get time off. I have to say the ready made Bearnaise sauce was lovely as were the steaks and oven chips. Desert was cherry pie with vanilla ice cream.

The garden is starting to wind down for Winter but we are still getting significant produce out of it. We still have Savoy Cabbage, Cucumbers, Salads, French Beans, Parsnips, Leeks, Japanese Radishes (HUGE) in the ground and producing. We have early Onions, Purple Sprouting Broccoli, more Salads and Winter cabbage doing their best to continue feeding us in the future. Soon we will be clearing out the old plants from the poly tunnel, cleaning it up and planting the winter salads and green onions that will be in there over the cold months. We also need to finish clearing out the bed for the garlic and get that in the ground, hopefully the weather will cooperate this weekend cause that's a big earth moving job. In a couple of weeks we should have enough money saved up to get the tree surgeon in which will mean less Leylandii and a big pile of chips which will make our garden paths safe for winter. The herb garden is still going strong but our roses are almost done for the year, they were a real joy.

We are hoping to take possession of a new cat soon, we were supposed to hear from our neighbor yesterday but she didn't call. I'm not sure what kind of cat but I will post pictures once we pick it up. We are also soon going to have a new working drier, the old one gave up the ghost last spring and we are moving out of the season when we can dry our clothes outside. It should be delivered on Friday. It's a big improvement on the old one as we can set it to run at night which will take advantage of the cheaper tariff. If we had the extra €500 lying around I would replace the washing machine too but as it is it still runs so we will hold on to it for a while longer.

Kate has been her usual cheerful self, except for momentary lapses of loss of temper :-) She slammed a door last night and broke one of our toothbrush glasses in the bathroom. She is starting to learn the tin whistle in school and is having a lot of fun with that, she's also going to swimming lessons in Naas and we practically have to use a crowbar to get her out of the pool. She continues to be well ahead on her reading and doing excellently with math, the only thing giving her some problems is her writing but that will come too. In the meantime I'm enjoying her creative spelling though I'm sure her teacher has other opinions (she's a young woman who apparently has a stick up her butt).

Mom and I continue to work off and on restocking my SCA wardrobe, we need to make some frames to mount fabric on for embroidery as we are going to start some more ambitious projects soon and they really need to be stretched on a frame. Currently I have three full outfits to wear so I'm doing quite well. The dress we are working on now probably won't be finished till Yule as we are working on it off and on. I'm looking forward to going up to Belfast in a couple of weeks for the Principality University event of the year.

Last weekend the whole family went to Dublin on Saturday, Kate and Brian went to the Irish Film Institute to see a Buster Keaton Film and Mom and I went to an actual Pagan event held in a Hotel in Dublin every year called Feile Draoichte. We had a lot of fun and I acquired a couple of pieces of jewelry some books and the new Wildwood Tarot.

That's all I can think of right now :-)


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