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We have officially put the garden to bed for the winter, all the dahlia pots are put away in the polytunnel, the winter salads are sown and the cloches are up and just need to be tacked down on one end. We've covered any semi-tender plants in the herb garden with straw and evergreen boughs and every last bulb has been planted. The onion sets are going gangbusters and the garlic is also doing well though the ones we saved from this years crops are behind (I assume they do something to the ones available for purchase that make them sprout quicker).

We took Doodles to the vet on Monday to get his shots and have him wormed and flea treated. Turns out he is a boy though it was a bit difficult to tell as he is apparently a medium haired cat with a double fur coat. The vet took some time digging through all that fluff until he made his pronouncement :-) That evening the poor thing was very out of it, Mom picked up Brian at the bus stop and when they came home he was sitting in the middle of the driveway sort of staring into the distance. Mom got out and we brought him in for a few hours so he wouldn't wander into the road and get run over. The next morning he was right as rain again, in a couple more weeks he gets a booster shot and will be good to go. The vet commented that we had a very handsome and well behaved kitten.

I'm trying to gird my loins for transferring a very big and complex embroidery pattern for a new SCA outfit, *sigh* procrastination thy name is Eva. Kate has the sniffles but otherwise is doing well. She enjoys her swimming and riding lessons and is an active and inquisitive child. For Halloween she dressed up as a cat which freaked out Doodles to no end, he only calmed down after the facepaint and ears had come off, it was quite amusing to see the kitten hissing at the girl both of them quite consternated.
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