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We've been busy over the last few weekends sowing, planting and digging. The polytunnel is now mostly filled with little seedlings including tomatoes, cucumbers, gherkins, peppers and aubergines. Mom has constructed all the trellises needed to support these plants which was a mammoth task just on its own. Our own self sown stuff didn't do so amazingly well, Mom thinks we started them too early but we supplemented what we had with bought seedlings so we are in pretty good shape. The outside beds are mostly planted now too so we are sitting pretty when it comes to the veggie garden. A big success story this year has been the overwintered spinach, it's crunchy green goodness is amazing right now, I made sag paneer with it yesterday and it was just delicious.

The herb garden is maturing nicely everything is settling in and we use it's produce pretty much every day. We had too many pink roses there last year so we've moved two of those and have put in a white (Iceberg) and a red (Alec's Red) rose which seem to be nice and healthy. We've also added another Rose Trellis at the end of the herb garden with a yellow (Queen Margrethe) and a red (Dublin Bay) climbing rose as well as a couple of clematis (President and Lunar Lass). Our herb/rose garden will be nothing if not multi coloured this summer. The miniature daffodils that we put in last autumn were hugely successful we've had blooms in the herb garden since I think the end of February and we look to have another week or so left on the latest ones.

The large bed on the right hand side of the back garden is shaping up as well, I've dug 3 more meters or so and we've fill that in with a selection of roses (the pinks from the herb garden and a couple of others that were in since last year), bulbs, rockrose, valerian, st. john's wort, ornamental quince, grasses, lilacs, anemones, blue lungwort, and various other things. I'll take a picture in the summer which is when it should be filling in properly.

Yesterday, I started digging another herb bed, this one on the other side of the house closer to the veg garden. I was dodging the rain so didn't get it finished but I've cleared about 1/3 - 1/2 of it. I dug up the comfrey that was already in residence, split it and replanted the two largest chunks. We are putting a bean wigwam in the centre (as we don't have any other room for the beans) and other than that it's going to be comfrey, lovage, horseradish and california poppies as well as anything else that we can squeeze in, mostly herbs that are too large for the actual herb garden. If the weather is decent I should be able to finish that next weekend.

The woodland garden is in desperate need of a good clean up but veggies and herbs take precedence to keep your fingers crossed that we get to that soon or the wild strawberries and ground ivy are going to take over.


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