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This morning driving in on the bus I was treated to a beautiful sunrise over fields still misty and frosted over, it was goregeous.

Yesterday I went to the local pagan moot called An Fainne. It was a bit of an adventure getting there because the advertisement said it was held at the Teacher's Club. I was expecting a pub or something like that. It turns out that it was a large Georgian house with a modest sign over the door saying "Club an Muenteoiri" after having passed it once I draged out of the depths of my brain that Muenteoiri is the Gaelic of Teacher. Once inside there were several meeting rooms as well as a members bar, everything beautifully appointed. It seems that Pagan standard time is not a phenomenon restricted to the States, the official start time was 7:30pm, people started arriving at the bar around 7:40pm and only after everyone had been fortified with their drink of choice (around 8:00pm) did the group adjourn to the meeting room that had been allocated.

I must say I was impressed by the group it seemd pleasantly low on drama and the lady that organizes it was extremely competent and very nice. I also got to meet Barbara Lee for those on the LJ list. She is a classic witchy HPs who seems to know her stuff well and is respected in the community. It turns out that this was the annual perform a poem, song, story, etc. moot so I offered the song about the Wild Hunt that S taught me and it seemed to go down well. It doesn't seem to be much of a sing along group because when I tried to teach them the "Ghost of John" they liked it but didn't respond by joining in. I got to be at midnight but it was worth it, I met some nice people and perhaps have my toe in the door with the local community. Oh and by the way the meeting adjourned actually a little earlier than anticipated at which point everyone went back to the bar, came back with fresh drinks to socialize some more. The Irish do like their drink.


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