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From Thorn Coyle's Book Evolutionary Witchcraft on compassion:

"...to expect nothing from others is a sign that you don't feel they are capable of anything at all. That is not compassion, that is pity and can devalue their life."

I have a tendency to try to do things for people because "he just has trouble with this kind of thing" or "she just won't be able to make the deadline", when I do this I am taking something away from them. I need to learn how to let people either succeed or fail for themselves, I am doing no one a favor by my action, which at the root grows out of my desire to avoid conflict not to be compassionate.
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It's been a hectic week and a half, last week work just went crazy, I didn't know where my head was anymore, too much to do in the time alloted. It's not as bad this week. Next week I'm going to Belgium on a business trip, three days in Leuven with a trip to the European Parliament included, I'm actually going to meet one of the Irish MEP's. I'm looking forward to that except that I have to haul out of bed at 3:30am at the latest to make my flight out of Dublin Airport, next Wendesday is going to be a long day.

The Girl continues to astonish and amaze, she is actually verbally asking for cookies now instead of imperiousloy gesturing. When she wants something she gets that willful expression on her face and gestures toward it as if she was an accomplished telekenetic and it will just float towards here. The waving of the hand is usually accompanied with a forceful "huunnnhhh". Needless to say it usually doesn't work unless Mama and Papa are there to oblige. She's starting to grow out of the last crop of footie pyjamas again, we need to get some more soon, those toes are getting crowded.

I go a new phone recently, it's a motorola C770V or something like that, basically it's quite spiffy. It has not just one but two cameras one facing outwards and one facing towards you for video calling. It takes video with sound and plays "Mama Mia" by Abba when it rings, B was very amused. I'm just happy with my new toy. We lost all the picture that B took while in St. Louis and everything except what we posted on Flickr, apparently the old hardrive is toast and even the teckies here at the College couldn't retrieve them.

I discovered yesterday that an old friend seems to have unfriended himself. Part of me is sad about it, another part is not sure what to think. Please everyone, be gentle with yourselves and with those around you. Truth has many sides and facets, my truth is not everyone elses truth. Be sure what you said is what the other person heard. Speak your truth with compassion rather than conviction, consider your words carefully because they linger long after they come out of your mouth.


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