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Last Friday I got 4 litres of raw unpasteurised milk, having heroically stopped myself from just drinking the stuff straight (if you have never tried raw milk I recommend it, the store bought stuff tastes like water afterwards though) we made 1ltr of yoghurt and used 2 more litres to make paneer which is an Indian soft cheese used in the cooking from that region. I was reminded on Sunday how little cheese you get out of a lot of milk, financially making your own cheese is really only feasible if you have your own cow or goat or if you are living next to/related to a dairy farmer. It was however enough for the Sag Paneer I made and tasted amazing especially since we have some absolutely gorgeous spinach in the garden right now. I also made some Aloo Gobi as well as fresh Naan bread and we had a lovely diner. The Naan turned out quite well except that next time I will give it less time in the oven as it was a little crisper than I like it. Naan is generally made with Nigella Seeds also known as Black Onion Seeds which gives it a lovely savoury flavour perfect for dipping into the rich veggie dishes I was serving. The next thing on the Indian food list I'm going to try is a spicy Eggplant dish that can be served cold.

The yoghurt by the way turned out very well, I would consider buying the expensive raw milk and hauling it home from Dublin every week just for our yoghurt production, we can go through 1-2 ltrs of the stuff each week. It was incredibly smooth, creamy, rich and tangy without being sharply sour. I wouldn't generally eat our unflavoured home made yoghurt but this one I could definitely go for.

Brian has been making various different country wines and though they are not ready for drinking yet and won't be for a while the colour of the beetroot/parsnip is a rich ruby red, quite attractive just to look at. I wish we had the wherewithal to distil our own hard liquor because I love making fruit liquors, currently I have a jar of rhubarb brandy on the go, inspired by [livejournal.com profile] krkhst. I think I'll give it another month and see how it is then.

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Aug. 8th, 2007 10:38 am
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Monday was a bank holiday so yesterday I was back at work after a long weekend. Kate is currently deeply into puzzles she now has two and wants to do them over and over and over again, it's quite astonishing how quickly she can put them together (I would say they are 60-80 pieces each). It seems to be a task that can absorb her for hours on end. I just talked to [livejournal.com profile] paradigmslost and we are finally getting the hole in our tub fixed. I can't wait to get in a good soak. I have cut out the linen for my new undertunic. It's actually panels of fabric connected by fringes which were supposed to be made into shawls but when I eye-balled them in the store it looked like they would just be long enough. To my consternation I was 3 inches short. I decided I had three options, add 3in all round the bottom hem (much too wasteful of fabric), add a 6in piece all across the top of the arms and shoulders (would have been visible when wearing a sleeveless over tunic), what I finally decided on was an added 3in strip around the waist (almost completely invisible when wearing any kind of overtunic and as sparing in fabric use as possible). Hopefully I gauged all the measurements correctly and the darn thing will actually fit in the end. I made an experimental apricot tart with my new tart tin, it's ok but needs to be much sweeter for my taste. So next time I will use no butter flakes on top but double the amount of brown sugar I sprinkle on top. I'm also going to brush the base with egg white in an effort to keep the base from getting soggy.


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