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Here's a link to the recipe for those chocolate cookies as requested.

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1 cup flour
1 cup brown sugar
1 package of ground almonds (about 100g I think)
1tsp Cinnamon
about 110g unsalted butter

Melt the butter, mix everything together.

Slice enough apples into whatever container you are making the crumble in to fill it about 2/3rds full. Add a couple of handfulls of frozen blueberries, sprinkle with a bit of sugar, top with the crumble mixture. Bake in a moderate over for 30-45 minutes or until golden brown witch juices bubbling up. We had it at room temperature just on its own, it was very tasty. You could serve it piping hot with vanilla icecream or with a warm custard.
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Run do not walk to the nearest bookstore (I hope it's published in America already) and purchase a copy of "Cornucopia at home". It's a collection of recipes from the best Vegetarian Restaurant in Dublin which is a little hole in the wall joint on Wicklow Street. The recipes are so yummy I can't begin to express it. I eat there regularly and their polenta dishes are nothing short of revelatory (is that a word?) and their baked goods are amazing. So go see if you can get the book over there across the pond you will not regret it, this is vegetarian comfort food for even the most avowed meat eater.
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I keep meaning to post about a dish I cooked a couple of weeks ago. My Fishpie was based on a recipe I saw on a cooking show but I did it from memory so the amounts are basically "enough". It's not something the average American would probably be exposed to but it was very delicious. I started with some nice filets of monkfish which I poached in a liqour of water, lemon juice, pepercorns, salt and bay, I reserve the stock once the fish was done and strained it. I then hard boiled 5 eggs (which was about 50/50 eggs to fish). I made a basic white sauce with butter flour and half stock half milk (if you want this to be extra rich you should use cream). I seasoned this very plainly with salt and pepper and cooked out the raw taste of the flour on a low heat, this results in a thick creamy sauce (you don't want it runny or the whole thing will just fall apart in a bad way later on). I then folded in the fish (which I had flaked), the eggs (which I had cut into 1cm cubes) and a large handfull of chopped parsley. Spoon this mixture into a backing dish and cover in a nice generous layer of home made mashed potatoes. Rough up the surface with a fork and scatter some butter flakes over the top. At this stage you could freeze the dish for baking at your convenience. I set it aside until it was time for dinner at which point I baked it for about 30 minutes in a moderate oven at 175C. I served this with some spinach but I would recommend a nice crispy salad to contrast the creamy richness of the pie. If you don't have monkfish another firm white fish like Pollock would do, if you want to add more luxury you could include shellfish and prawns and add some white wine to the poaching liquid.

Today I promised Kate that we would make cookies and we are trying out a gingerbread recipe for the first time. I didn't have any shortening but substituted lard which I think should work, I also used golden syrup instead of light molases. The dough is resting in the fridge, I don't think we will get around to baking tonight but I will post about the result tomorow.

Food stuff

Aug. 25th, 2008 12:43 pm
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We had the best dinner yesterday, I recently got a new Cookbook on sale by Kylie Kwong I think it's called Simple Chinese or something like that. I am getting so much mileage out of this thing, I finally learned how to make fried rice properly and I took yesterday's inspiration for dinner out of it.

I used the marinade for a five spice/ginger chicken dish and dunked some thighs and wings into it. Then I baked them at around 175C for about 30 minutes, gave them a blast of 200C for another five minutes or so and they were done. For a veg I sautéed garlic in vegetable oil added a pile of raw broccoli pieces and a cup of water. Closed the lid for a few minutes to let it steam, then I added a few tablespoons of oyster sauce and a tiny bit of rice wine vinegar and sesame oil. I took the veggies out while still crunchy and reduced the sauce for a bit more. Served with plain white rice it tasted amazing especially the broccoli and so easy. Kate was too cute when she wolfed down her chicken wing, she had sauce everywhere and not a shred of flesh was left on those bones.

Something I'm also very please about is that I'm making our yogurt and mayonnaise myself now. It's very very simple and oh so tasty.
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We had a {gasp} sunny holiday weekend, I went home early on Friday and proceeded to fall asleep on the couch for 2 hours. Kate was a little angel and as I was sleeping gave me some of her stuffed toys to keep me company :-) Saturday was our usual round of going to the market in the morning, after that Kate and her Papa went to a Birthday party and I went to the Gym for a swim and a sauna, it was lovely. I also made a German crumb cake with rhubarb, yum.

The next day I worked on some sewing, I got the first gusset set into the underarm of the Norman over tunic but frustratingly ran out of thread so I'm off for lunch today to buy some more so I can get this thing finished. The gussets really are the most fiddly bits, I just saw a pattern that split each square gusset into half and that seems like it would be easier to sew, I wonder if there is any documentation for this method? We had some very tasty green asparagus with grilled chicken. The weekend before we had the white asparagus with some home made Hollandaise which is what my Mom is used to, served with some new potatoes it was also extremely delicious.

Sunday afternoon Kate, [livejournal.com profile] ursulaelisabeth and I went shopping at one of the local plant stores. We got a humongous pot for the Bay Laurel which was root bound, some African marigolds to keep the white fly off our tomatoes, six small geranium plants which smell heavenly, parsley, basil and miscellaneous seed. After we got home we made sure everything was in it's pot and collapsed in a collective heap, it's a good thing the asparagus and chicken was fast and easy or there would have been sandwiches ;-)

Yesterday [livejournal.com profile] paradigmslost took the Kate to the Zoo, Mom went to her place to do some work on the garden and I vegetated in front of the TV with my sock knitting (I've turned the heel and am working on the body of the foot). I did manage to clean the oven (nasty business) and make some pretty tasty salads for everyone when they came back. The biggest success was the following

Spicy Aubergine Salad )

Edited: you can of course only turn a "heel" on a sock ;-
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I just read a recipe for what sounds like one of the most delicious drinks. You start with a shot glass, add a layer of Creme de Cacao, then you float a layer of Morello Cherry Juice on top of that, on top of that goes a layer of heavy cream, top the whole thing of with a shaving or dark chocolate. Yummy. Must get some Creme de Cacao this weekend and try them out.


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