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I wonder if fuchsia pink is period for the 13th century? It's a really bright deep pink that would make a lovely cyclas, Need to look at fabric content next time I'm at the store I think it was 100% wool but maybe I'm mistaken.
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So I finally finished the cloak & hood that I have been working on and off on for the last six months or so. I'm quite happy with it, the whole project was done by hand and I learned a great deal about various period construction techniques. I was using 100% wool so I finished the seams on the cloak part simply by pressing the selvage to one side and taking it down with a running stitch, the seams that carry weight are done with backstich and those that don't (such as the one attaching the facing to the neckline) are done in running stitch. On the hood I did flat felled seams. The buttons and buttonholes were also done by hand, I got a great tip from one of the SCA garb lists (don't remember which one) on how to do the buttons and I'm very happy with them. All in all I am satisfied with the final project though it obeys the 10 foot rule rather than being a truly period construction. This garment is going to be used for events other than the SCA and I just love the swish of a full circle cloak so there is an obscene amount of fabric in this thing. Other points of fudging are the fact that the hood is cut more generously than I have seen in period illustrations and the cape part is also a full circle rather than the more fitted silhouette that would be what was common in days of yore. If you are interested you can see pictures of the final product and the construction process on my flickr account, The photos don't appear in the correct order though they are named cloak 1, 2, etc so you can follow along in order of construction if you wish.

The process of hand sewing this garment has been surprisingly pleasant, I learned a lot and had fun doing it.
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Forgive me if I'm not quite lucid I just took a sleeping pill but wanted to share my happiness with having found the perfect fabric of a new full circle cloak. My old full circle cloak is being lovingly fostered by hypatia and her lovely husband because lets face it, that much fabric just wouldn't fit into my luggage. Today I picked up 6.5m of the yummiest semi-fulled medium/light weight chocolate brown wool (about 1.6m wide) at the deeply discounted price of 100Eur. This will make one full length, full circle cloak with hood for me (the rule is you need four times the with of the fabric). It's always surprising because you do the math and you know you need almost 6.5m but when it gets to unfolding the loot it seems to be way more than you need. Then you fold it in half and fold it in half again and you end up with a square and you realize this pattern takes up a buttload of fabric. But Gods does it drape, in a pinch it can house three full sized adults and a couple of small children in a downpour. It will also keep you warm at night when the temperatures plummet and your sleeping bag has long given you up for lost. Yeah Wool. Now I just need to make the damn thing in a week and a half.
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I'm so excited I found the perfect terracotta coloured linen and dark brown wool for my Mom's Viking outfit. She is going to look adorable. Now I need to find some turtle brooches before November.

EDIT: I just ordered some very reasonable brooches from Raymond's Quiet Press, Mom is going to love them :-) Happy Dance
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Things are puttering along over here. I finished the underarm section on one side of my tunic to see if I had miscalculated or if it would fit. It fit, it looks weird when laid out but when it's on you don't really see the gore at all (which is good because I think I cut it slightly off kilter which meant I had to ease it into the section of sleeve it had to set in. It does leave a bit of poofieness under the arm but I think it's supposed to look like that. I will post pictures once I have the rest of it put together. I'm still waffling on whether to line the cyclas or not. In the Manesse Codex all of the cyclases are clearly lined with a contrasting color (often white) but (a) This is supposed to be cool weather garb and that would add another layer of linen and (b) Linen is expensive especially when you need 5m I could use the extra for another undertunic or even dye it as I was intending and make a second cyclas.

I'm also planning to make what I believe should be a half circle cloak (take a look at this link and tell me what you think ) That's actually the final look I'm going for, the cloak also seems to be lined in fur but I'm not going there at this point. I am probably going to make it out of a fairly light semi-fulled dark brown wool if I can find it. A few questions arise for this project any insights are appreciated.
1. Should I line it in linen or leave it unlined for now. One of the concerns I have link to the next point if I line it with anything other than wool will it keep slipping.
2. I am concerned that it will keep slipping off my shoulders, none of the illustrations in the codex have any kind of fasteners but I'm considering adding a strip that will fasten somewhere around my collar bone area perhaps with some penanular brooches. That way I could take it off or leave it on as I please.

I'm having so much fun with this.

Daily Diary

Aug. 8th, 2007 10:38 am
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Monday was a bank holiday so yesterday I was back at work after a long weekend. Kate is currently deeply into puzzles she now has two and wants to do them over and over and over again, it's quite astonishing how quickly she can put them together (I would say they are 60-80 pieces each). It seems to be a task that can absorb her for hours on end. I just talked to [livejournal.com profile] paradigmslost and we are finally getting the hole in our tub fixed. I can't wait to get in a good soak. I have cut out the linen for my new undertunic. It's actually panels of fabric connected by fringes which were supposed to be made into shawls but when I eye-balled them in the store it looked like they would just be long enough. To my consternation I was 3 inches short. I decided I had three options, add 3in all round the bottom hem (much too wasteful of fabric), add a 6in piece all across the top of the arms and shoulders (would have been visible when wearing a sleeveless over tunic), what I finally decided on was an added 3in strip around the waist (almost completely invisible when wearing any kind of overtunic and as sparing in fabric use as possible). Hopefully I gauged all the measurements correctly and the darn thing will actually fit in the end. I made an experimental apricot tart with my new tart tin, it's ok but needs to be much sweeter for my taste. So next time I will use no butter flakes on top but double the amount of brown sugar I sprinkle on top. I'm also going to brush the base with egg white in an effort to keep the base from getting soggy.


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