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It's amazing how much produce you can get out of your garden even if you are terribly late with planting and putting in beds on the fly as you go.

Sometimes its just too late, if you are planing to harvest produce from your garden over winter your plants need to be done with the majority of their growth by end of October. Our white and red cabbages were just too late, they may still produce something in spring but not very much. The Savoy Cabbages went in earlier in the season and were harvested in Fall with excellent success.

Certain salads can survive almost anything given a bit of protection. We put in corn salad (lamb's ear lettuce or maché) which survived -10C and pretty heavy snow for a few weeks with only a bit of fleece for cover. We've had about 80% survival rate for some of our other winter lettuces which are under a cloche.

We need to protect our overwintering crops not just from freezing temperatures but also from pigeons. We had lovely purple sprouting broccoli in the ground which might have survived the frost if the pigeons hadn't made a lunch of it.

Cats can be very irritating to a gardener, netting is your friend.

Over here you just have to have a polytunnel or glass house if you are planning to grow tomatoes, aubergines or salad cucumbers, the climate is just not warm enough for long enough to support them otherwise.

The good news is that our new 3mx6m polytunnel is going in this Thursday, I can't wait.
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Monday was a bank holiday weekend as well as providing some of the best weather we have had so far. It was absolutely gorgeous. Saturday I had a massage scheduled while the rest of the family went to the Farmer's Market and after that Mom, Kate and I went to a local garden centre. We were very good and only came home with 1 candle, 3 books and a lovely purple flowering plant which we added to our growing collection of potted plants in the garden. We also moved the two tomato plants and two cucumber plants outside permanently. One of the cucumbers got a bit of a shock but it looks like it will survive the experience. Yesterday we went out to Mom's and picked cowslips for making wine, we also moved some of the blooming tulips and the bay plant home so we could admire them. Mom was also concerned that the bay would needed more water on a regular basis than we could provide at the old place. The tulips are an intense orange colour with pointed leaves and the yummiest scent I have ever smelled on a tulip, it's almost fruity. We also sat in the garden and sewed on our various projects, read books and drank gallons of tea.

Kate has finally taken to the bike that we got her at Yule and is making great progress pedaling and even steering. She and her Papa went walking in Donadee with some friends while Oma and I were picking cowslips. She is still having some problems with constipation but I think we have finally weaned her from the protein kick she was on. She is now 108.5cm tall and continues to delight and amaze us.

Overall it was a great weekend.


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