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Lots of stuff going on. Mom and I made Kate's Halloween Costume, I think we may be a bit obsessive. It consists of a little deep pink cap topped with chiffon petals and a green chiffon stem with leaves, a green chiffon vest that has rows of leaves around the bottom, the sleeves and the neckline tied by 3 silk bows, and a 3 layer, 18 petalled chiffon skirt that makes her look like a little upside down rose. All this is bad enough because we mostly sewed it by hand because chiffon is evil but we needed something warm to go under the vest so we not only dyed one of her white long sleeved t-shirts green we then decided the green was too blue and then overdyed it with some weld. Unfortunately I can't take pictures yet because our camera has absconded somewhere, perhaps the fairies took it, in which case they need to give it back soon because she is too cute.

[livejournal.com profile] paradigmslost is now also the owner of not one but two very nice suits, we got them for under €400 which was about 30% of the actual price. He's going to wince when he realized this but he now owns about $1,500 worth of suits, for those of you that know him this is quite humorous:-)

Yesterday and Monday I attended a "Stress Elimination" Seminar, some interesting stuff but the poor presenter was way out of his depth with his audience. I think he's used to presenting in the corporate world and wasn't accustomed to being asked for his sources for some of the material :-) Overall it was quite shallow and really not suited to a University setting.


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