Dec. 18th, 2009 09:12 pm
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Today was our major Ikea shopping trip. Our main targets were closets for the master bedroom and shelves for the library. We bought the Billy line in white; eight 2m high, 80cm wide shelves and five 2m high, 40cm wide shelves. Three of the 40cm wide shelves will go into 3 corners and will have glass doors the other two are for filler in between big shelves. The whole deal is plain white. We did not yet get the 36cm tops which will extend our storage space almost up to the ceiling, we can get those in a few months when our pocket book has recovered a bit.

We ended up with three 1m wide closets that are 2.01m tall (they were supposed to be 2.36 but through some fubar on my part that didnt happen and we were too exhausted to go back and exchange stuff. Mom insists its fine I'm irritated with myself for not realizing there was an issue. They are basically plain boxes with mirrored double doors into which you can put whatever units; baskets, shelves, racks you want to. The system is called PAX and should work to keep both my and my husbands wardrobe under control.

We also picked up a beautiful modern rocking chair http://www.ikea.com/gb/en/catalog/products/S69860969 along with a matching footstool. It's very very comfortable and nostalgic for her because when she moved out from her parents mumbeldiemumble years ago she had one of these chairs from Ikea, I believe it currently resides with my cousin or his daughter. In other words this stuff lasts. We also picked up a nice white elegant bedside table for Kate called Hemnes http://www.ikea.com/gb/en/catalog/products/70121230 which will go well with her cream colored Victorian Cast Iron bedsted.

When we were there today at about 5pm there were 4 mend still bustling trying to get last minute electrical fixtures and paint jobs done. Our washing machine and drier had been moved and the solar panels installed on the roof. I was also relieved to see that the Air Water Heating system was making a low hum and hopefully being finetuned. The Upstairs is done bar the cleaning and moping, the downstairs still has some work.

Tomorrow Mom and I will descend on the Upstairs mainly to clean and then oil the floors which needs to happen before we bring stuff in there, then we go down to Mom's Room to do the same. We will then move down to the library and dining room in order for those rooms to be clear for moving stuff into. The last portion is the living room / kitchen and then finally the corridor. In between drying times we will be cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms so they can become habitable. It's all coming together, on Monday I will be sleeping in our own house.

I miss my family and friends for many reasons not the least of which is that I know if they were here we would have so much support and help, even taking Kate for a couple of hours would help and you guys I know would be there for us. So you had better all come visit so I can put you to work feeding the chickens and checking on the bees and bringing in the salad fixings for supper from the garden. I love you all.
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We just bought the cabinets and fixtures for the kitchen of the house we are planning on building. It's a simple but classy solid oak shaker style and the reason we bought it now is that the line is discontinued and was 70% off, which makes a honking big difference in the price. Now we just need the appliances and tiles and the first room of our house is outfitted.


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