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Should you ever consider moving to Ireland because of the beauty and the history and your ancestral roots, also consider this: Today a 17 year old is taking our Health Service to court because they have instructed the Gardai that she is not allowed to leave the country in order to have an abortion. The real kicker is that the 4 month old foetus has ancephaly and is not viable.

Catch up

Jan. 17th, 2006 12:19 pm
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Lots of good and bad stuff has been happening lately, mostly good, but it's been a stressful few weeks. My boss has been out of the office almost continuously since the begining of December, right now she's in the States, that's been difficult since I am still dealing with projects that I had nothing to do with at the begining. I got to meet up with some Kildare pagans a couple of weeks ago and my liver is still recovering. It's astonishing how much people drink here and how many occasions they find to do so. The big girl is doing well, she is starting to repeat phrases from her books and sounds too cute. She has taken to wrestling with the big dog that her Opa gave her for Yule, at this point it's about 50:50 as to who is winning. She sometimes get frustrated when eating now because she wants to do it herself so we give here a fork or spoon but keep shoveling it in ourselves too so that she ends up with a reasonable meal. I wish you could all come and see her, she is a joy.
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I drove into the dawn on my bus this morning, traffic was light and we got through quickly. Now it's overcast and kind of grey but new beginnings are in the air. I'm pretty much the only person in the office today everyone else just stayed home, tomorow the College closed down until January 3rd. This is time off in addition to any vacation we get, yeah for European time off policies. Once I'm permanently employed here I will get 21 days of vacation plus about a week of time off around certain holidays that is extra as well as the holidays themselves. On Tuesday we had our Christams luncheon at "1592" which is the swanky restaurant on campus run by the catering school. It was amazing at my table we had 8 people and started off with 6 bottles of wine on the table, 3 red, 3 white. It wasn't plonk either, the red was amazing and I would be surprised if it cost any less than €30 a pop. I had deep fried brie with a cranberry relish for a starter and filet mignon with a pepper sauce as a main course. I decided on Blackforrest Gateaux for dessert, this was accompanied by an excellent ice wine and coffee. After all that a bottle of port made the rounds. I was more than three sheets to the wind and I drank significantly less than most. We started at 1pm (I was expecting to be back in the office by 2:30pm or so) around 4pm I asked whether we were going back to work, this comment was greeted with much laughter and finger pointing. So I went and caught an early bus and was home by 5:30pm. I am told the party went on after I left and eventually ended up in some pub or other. My office mate can't remember how she got home. What can I say, it's Ireland.

Today I am wrapping up bits and pieces and will be taken out to lunch by my boss, I suspect I'm going home after that. I will stop by a store called Sherridan's which has the reputation for being the best cheese shop in Ireland where I plan to pick up some swanky cheeses for our Christmas dinner. I also need to find some good chocolate as I want to make chocolate mousse for dessert.

All the most wonderful Yule wishes to everyone, may the new sun tickle your nose and make you happy.
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I'm almost finished shopping for Yule, the only things left to do are wrapping paper and my parent's present which will be perishable so I will have to get the it at the very last moment. Lights and trees are up all around town and there are groups of school kids caroling and collecting for charity on Grafton Street.

Last night I went to a Business School shindig at the Provost's House (that's actually it's official name), the room we were in was built over 200 years ago and was a rococo nightmare of stucko (very impressive all the same). The thing that really got me was the original oil painting of HRM Queen Elisabeth 1 who is the founder of the college. This place is never going to go broke with all the vaulable artwork and stuff they have lying around here and there. Unfortunately I did not get to see my girl all day because of getting home late.

I pretty much finished the cardigan for K, now I need buttons, I wish I had bought them in the states because things like this are not quite as available here as they are there. I have one more store to check for bright green plastic buttons and then I'm going to have to hit up someone in MN to go to Jo-Annes and stick some in an envelope for me. I hope I find something because I would love for her to wear it for the Yule celebration.

FYI if you are expecting a card from us this year, I have them but they are not mailed yet so they might be a little late in getting there.
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I'm taking a few minutes out to send out an update. I'm very happy in my new job, now let's hope it stays my new job. If it was up to my new boss she would have me here permanent before the end of the year but it's a 400 year old (yup founded by Elisabeth 1) University and the wheels grind slowly if they grind at all. Tonight is the Arts Department Christmas Party free food and free alcohol, it will be interesting to see who shows up apparently the new Dean is not the most popular. I hope in the end they decide to pay me what I need because I have to make a certain amount, the prestige of Trinity alone won't cut it I'm afraid.

On Saturday I am being taken clothes shopping by my Mom for an early birthday present, yeah. I'm also going to pick up a few things for the girl (how could I not when I'm right there) and perhaps some new dishes since we are still using the collection of bits and pieces that my parents lent us. Of course [livejournal.com profile] paradigmslost would love for us to get the cheapest meanest plastic set available and then use it for the next ten years, I have told him in no uncertain terms that I see through his plot of "oh let's just get something cheap for now" and that I'm not falling for it. There are a few other bits and pieces I may pick up if I find a bargain, like a clothes iron, and perhaps some Yule presents while I'm at it. All in all it promising to be a fun if exhausting day.

Dublin continues to enchant me, it's such a vibrant city with all its hustle and bustle. The diversity on the street is just astonishing when you think that on 1976 I think there was one black individual living in the entire country (well maybe not quite, but close). My parents had a good time in Madeira though the driving was somewhat thrilling, some of the roads being more suited for mountain goats rather than automobile traffic. But they made it back and glad they are of it too.

The girl continues to amaze and astound, she and her Dad are the joy of my life. My blessings are many and I try to count them every day.

Snow Storm

Nov. 25th, 2005 09:27 am
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Oh my Gods it was comming down in buckets where I live this morning, thick fluffy white flakes with cars going at 5mph because they can't cope over here. However the closer we got to Dublin the less snow. I wasn't even late for work today, I'm sort of disapointed.
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My internet access just declined dramatically. I started a new assignment today and I can only get to e-mail during my lunch time. Having said that, hopefully we will get our internet connection working soon, I really need to get a Fedora Red Hat 4 manual but a friend is doing some long distance troubleshooting for which I am eternally gratefull.

The weekend was beautiful, on Samhain proper (which is a holiday here) I looked out my kitchen window and there was the most amazing full double rainbow I have ever seen, I am taking that as a very good omen for the comming year. I did my own devotions on Sunday so as not to be interupted by trick or treaters and the wonderfull [livejournal.com profile] paradigmslost went out for a pint to give me private time. It was simple and did what I needed it to do, I made pictures of my decorations and ancestor shrine which I will post as soon as I'm able.

The K is doing fine she is still having some sleep disturbances but they are getting better. On Saturday the whole family including Oma went to Dublin and my mother and I shopped for the girl. It was wonderful we got some of the cutest things.

As I mentioned before I am starting a new temp assignment today at a very much larger solicitor's firm but I applied to another position at the Irish Horse Racing Association which would be very much nearer where we live and if [livejournal.com profile] krkhst comes to visit I can probably get her hooked up with a tour of some racing stables. We shall see, I sent in my resume and will hear back from them Nov 11th.

If you absolutely must get hold of me during GMT working hours my current email address is:
EMP "at" bcmhanbywallace "dot" com, but be aware it's an office account.

B got registered at the police last Thursday and the good news is that he can work straight away if he wants to, this means he will have not problem freelancing for Irish publications. We also submitted the paperwork to get him added to our bank account, I think I've mentioned before that the wheels grind very slowly in the banking industry here so in a couple of weeks he should be on the books.

I miss everyone and hope you all had a productive and blessed Samhain.
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This last weekend was a flurry of much activity. On Friday I was invited to dinner with one of my neighbors which was nice since she seems to be a good cook. I was too tired to stay for very long though and collapsed into bed fairly early. On Saturday, my Dad and I went to Tallaght shopping center (yes it's spelled that way, the g and t are silent) to pick up a booster chair for the girl and some safety gates for the stairs. We were debating on whether to get a highchair but she's so big she would grow out of it in no time. I wish we could have kept her old highchair which was fantastic but that would have cost a mint to ship. The gates we got are wonderfully solid metal which will definitely stop her from taking a header off the stairs. On the way home we got caught in some construction traffic weirdness and ended up taking the back, back way to get to my parent's house. Roads in bogs are such interesting creatures they dip and bow and generally behave more like living beings rather than inanimate objects. Mom had a delicious lunch ready for us when we got there (crepes filled with spinach and muschrooms), it was yummy. For some reason I was exhausted so Mom took me home and I spent the rest of the day vegetating on the couch.

On Sunday my Mom arrived at 10:30am and a whirl of housecleaning ensued. All the boxes are broken down, the floors are vaccumed and the kitchen is clean. The gates are installed and the booster chair is straped to one of our dining chairs. After cleaning I installed the car seat (which is not as wiggle free as I would like it but I can't get it in any better) and we went on a brief shopping run to pick up tofu and meat free sausages for the girl.

Today I'm going to pick up a new keyboard, mouse and an extra set of pillows and then we are set for the world travelers to arrive. Everyone light some candles and keep your fingers crossed that Brian makes his connection in Chicago, I would hate for the two of them to have to find accomodations in Chicago for the night. The connection we booked is really too tight and he is going to try to go earlier on standby, so send happy traveling thoughts their way.

Oh and we have a pumpkin, I bought one of the two pumpkins available in the local store and next weekend is pumpkin carving time.
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This morning driving in on the bus I was treated to a beautiful sunrise over fields still misty and frosted over, it was goregeous.

Yesterday I went to the local pagan moot called An Fainne. It was a bit of an adventure getting there because the advertisement said it was held at the Teacher's Club. I was expecting a pub or something like that. It turns out that it was a large Georgian house with a modest sign over the door saying "Club an Muenteoiri" after having passed it once I draged out of the depths of my brain that Muenteoiri is the Gaelic of Teacher. Once inside there were several meeting rooms as well as a members bar, everything beautifully appointed. It seems that Pagan standard time is not a phenomenon restricted to the States, the official start time was 7:30pm, people started arriving at the bar around 7:40pm and only after everyone had been fortified with their drink of choice (around 8:00pm) did the group adjourn to the meeting room that had been allocated.

I must say I was impressed by the group it seemd pleasantly low on drama and the lady that organizes it was extremely competent and very nice. I also got to meet Barbara Lee for those on the LJ list. She is a classic witchy HPs who seems to know her stuff well and is respected in the community. It turns out that this was the annual perform a poem, song, story, etc. moot so I offered the song about the Wild Hunt that S taught me and it seemed to go down well. It doesn't seem to be much of a sing along group because when I tried to teach them the "Ghost of John" they liked it but didn't respond by joining in. I got to be at midnight but it was worth it, I met some nice people and perhaps have my toe in the door with the local community. Oh and by the way the meeting adjourned actually a little earlier than anticipated at which point everyone went back to the bar, came back with fresh drinks to socialize some more. The Irish do like their drink.
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I finally found a decent broadband company, so we will have an internet connection at home in about 2 weeks. We shall see how it works out in the long term. This morning was pretty cool but the day has turned out quite beautiful with full sunshine.

I'm generally having an uneventful day at work and went to Grafton Street for lunch. I'm still checking out the mobile phone companies so I stoped into a store. Grafton Street is the big pedestrian expensive shopping street in Dublin. There are lots of buskers and a lot of bustle. There was even one group that had a cello, a violin and a humoungous zither (at least that's what I think it was, at first I thought it was a small piano). They were quite good.

I've been thinking about contributing to a children's charity over the last few days and what do you know a very nice man from Barnardo's stoped me on the way back to work and I decided to take the plunge and pledge €10 a month. It's not much but it's what we can afford right now. They are a very reputable charity that I remember from my childhood, if you are interested check out www.barnardos.ie.

Last night I got a beautiful card from my beautiful [livejournal.com profile] krkhst, I miss you a great deal hon, it made my evening to get the card.


Oct. 12th, 2005 12:32 pm
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I registered for online banking yesterday, here's the process for your edification:

1. Receive letter with PIN number
2. Receive letter with Registration Card with Registration Number
3. Call online banking center, they will want your Registration Number and your Pin number.
4. They will also want your birthdate and your mother's maiden name.
5. They will then ask you for 3 verification questions, a significant date, your favorite color (which I hope I will remember for the future), and your place of birth. You then get to change your PIN number to something you can actually remember.
6. Now you log on to the website where you need you Registration number as well as a passphrase to log on.
7. The passphrase (which I will have to use with the Registration number whenever I log on) has to be at least 4 words with one word at least 6 letters long.

I feel like I'm trying to dial into Fort Knox.
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It's a damp Tuesday morning and I'm sitting at my desk nursing my Latte after finishing the dictations that were cued up. Yesterday evening I walked into the living room not only to find that my Mother had cleaned the kitchen and living room up (it wasn't that bad thank the Gods) but that there was a new computer desk and small filing cabinet standing in the corner. My Mom says that the desk really really wanted to come live with us as they were taking their trash to the tip when she noticed a mirror stacked in the corner, she went to investigate and found this desk upside down but with nothing wrong with it. They paid the guard €5, wiped it down and now it's ours. It's a nice dark pine and Dad gave us his old filing cabinet from work which matches the wood. Now all I have to do is get some hanging files and I can start in on a new filing system. There is also a huge wrapped birthday present for [livejournal.com profile] paradigmslost on the desk and I have no idea what's in that. The mirror that Mom and the ladies at her workshop put together for us has also been mounted on the wall and looks spectacular.

So I had a very pleasant surprise waiting for me last night and then of course I had to call my sweethart (any excuse you know :-) The poor thing is totally frazzled and is missing pretty much any kind of like minded personal contact. On the one hand I'm sorry he's having a rough time but on the other hand I'm glad that he will be that much more happy to be comming over here. The K is also on the stressed side and badly needs her routine to settle down, B is doing his best but there is only so much he can do. Eight more days.
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Some of you may know Christy Moore and his music, he took an extended break for several years and apparently just put out a new album. Well I heard the TV add for it and would you believe it's called "Burning Times" and he sings the Beverly chant on it, I almost fell of my chair. I think I may have to buy the album.
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I had a pretty good weekend though it went very quickly. On Friday after work the office went out for a drink (yes, the entire office, it is Ireland after all, I could have gotten royally shitfaced for free if I had wanted to because the boss was buying).

On Saturday, my Mom and I went out shopping to the Liffey Valley Shopping Centre. I am now the proud owner of a nice chocolate brown winter coat, scarlet gloves and scarf, and flowery pink trainers (no I'm not kidding, you should see them). Ahh retail therapy, though really we didn't buy anything that I didn't need badly. Well maybe except for the humongous church sized pillar candle that my Mother couldn't resist since it was on sale for €10. I am happy to report that my driving is improving drastically and that my Mother has declared me fit to drive on my own, except that at this point I would still get very very lost very very quickly.

On Sunday, we drove to the airport and back (to make sure that if push comes to shove I can pick [livejournal.com profile] paradigmslost and my big girl up on my own next week. I'm having a bit of trouble getting used to my Mother's much larger car (remember I have driven a little rice burner pretty much exclusively for over 10 years), so parking in narrow spaces is a bit of a challenge. After we came home we finished painting some picture frames that my Mother had put together from scrap at the workshop (did I mention my Mom is both usefull and talented) and after they had dried put them up on the wall. They look great. We also made a witch on a broomstick from a stick, a clotheshanger, and scraps of fabrick. She is about 1' high and the broom is about 1 1/2' long, she has a purple skirt, a white petticoat, a green shirt, a blue and white checked shawl, red wool hair, and of course a large black pointy witches hat. Mom made the body and I made the clothes, we make a pretty good team. I will have to come up with a name for her, next week I am putting her up in the kitchen window which faces the street. I also made a huge pot of chicken soup for my Dad who is feeling poorly and a beef pot roast for my dinners this week.

So Samhain is comming up rapidly and I am on a mission to find a big pumpkin, Mom has three small ones from her garden but I want a big one for outside if I can find one. I also need to stock up on sweets as we live in a residential area with lots of kids.

I miss my family (all of you) dreadfully, not having B here is like missing a limb. It's funny how indespensable a partner can become to your very basic being. Apparently K has started to wave Bye Bye and is walking backwards now.

I can't wait.
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The Irish are addicted, deeply and pathologically to their mobile phones. I kid you not, everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, has a cell phone. Not only do they have a phone, they use them constantly to talk, to text, to blow their nose. Especially the under 30's seem to be most deeply affected. Not only do they use their mobiles constantly I have observed that on the bus they hold onto them and caress and stroke them (you think I'm kidding) in the hopes that someone, anyone will call. My bus takes an hour give or take and I had a teenager sitting next to me that texted constantly during the entire bus ride. I swear I don't know how they keep the damn things charged or even how they pay their bills.

This is going to be mildly annoying, please Gods don't let this addiction be contagious.
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I splurged a little bit on a b-day present for B and I got a cute set of eating utensils for K. It was fun shopping. Work was uneventful except that we are all going out for a drink tonight. I need to not spend much money so I will probably not stay long, I also need to still be able to walk to the bus and those of you who know me, know that I'm a cheap drunk ;-)

We were going to go on a car trip to Avoca this weekend but I think my Mom and I are just going to putter around the garden. Maybe I will go to Dublin to check out the organic market in the morning and go over to Mom's in the afternoon, don't know yet.

Anyway everyone have a great weekend, I don't have an internet connection at home yet so I'm signing off till Monday.
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It was a beautiful trip on the bus this morning, mist was still hanging over the fields and the light had that special quality to it. Today was the first day that we had a real nip in the air, I could see my breath. At lunch I'm going to go to Marks & Spencers (or Marks & Sparks as it's known here) to look for a new winter coat, all my Minneapolis coats stayed over there since they were much too heavy for an Irish Winter. I also need gloves and a scarf, which were supposed to come with me but which I forgot.

I had lunch at the local Pizza Hut yesterday and yes, it tastes pretty much the same here. We also have "Old El Paso" products in the supermarket isn't that a hoot. I haven't found a realy good bakery yet but the products at the local stores aren't that bad.

Yesterday my Mom dropped off a mirror for the living room (we already have a big one over the mantle but I wanted a second one for Feng Shui reasons). It is gorgeous, she started with an antique mirror that she built a frame around, it's simple and beautiful. The girls at the shop did both water gilding and oil gilding on it which was very very nice of them. I will post a picture as soon as the digital camera arrives.

I'm still doing a lot of thinking about the Yule fire and need to do some more research on the Nores Nydd Fire and it looks like I may have some time on my hands today, I still haven't gotten any dictation from my boss.

Anyway that's all I can think of, miss you all.
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...Unless you are very brave or not very hungry. I had to wait for over an hour for my bus last night so I stoped at a little Mexican restaurant to get some grub. Must say not impressed by their nachos, but what was I expecting. The Sangria was nice though.

The interview went fine though I had a good brisk 30 minutes walk before I got there, I didn't think it was quite that far. Today I'm on the muscle sore side, who am I kidding, I'm limping like an 80 year old. Wasn't impressed by the prospective boss so I probably won't accept the job even if they offer it.

Today I got all the utilities and phone set up on direct debit, they want exhorbitant deposits unless you do that. It's strange but they bill electric and gas every two months, I need to make sure I take that into account with the budget. I also set up my pay check to directly deposit in my account so we are good to go.

This weekend Mom and I are planning to go on walk-about, perhaps to the Avoca Handweavers, perhaps we will just go play in Dublin, we shall see.

Funny thing about the Irish, especially the young people are very free with their language, especially the f word, I'm just not used to that anymore. I do think that it's pretty pathetic when two young guys are having a conversation and every 10th word starts with F, it shows a lack of imagination, education, and vocabulary in my opinion.

Two more weeks to go till B and K get here I can't wait. There is going to be a lot of work in my parents garden for us, things my Dad just can't do anymore. But I think it will be fun and that we will both enjoy it though B gets to deal with the large power tools, I'm too chickenshit to use a chain saw.

I miss everyone, especially my coven, next week I am going to the monthly Pagan Moot here in Dublin, it should be interesting. Thank Gods for the internet that let me continue craft conversations long distance. There are lots of thing percolating in my brain and the steam is starting to come out of my ears ;-)


Oct. 3rd, 2005 10:06 am
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It was a fairly laid back weekend. I did manage to break my mother's side mirror backing out of their very narrow parking spaces at home. I felt like a sixteen year old,however I am getting better at driving a stick shift all the time. The weather here has definitely turned to autumn, it can change at the drop of a hat. I know that people say that of the weather in Minneapolis too but really it's different here. We go from rain and cloud to bright sunshine every 20 minutes or so. We were out in my parent's garden again on Saturday, my Mother had a certain list of to do things, one was to get cuttings of her roses for my garden. I kid you not when I say that she went around snipping off about 12 inch pieces from various rose bushes, she then trimmed them of all the leaves and stuck them in pots. Appart from a good watering that was it. I didn't realize gardening was that simple ;-) I suspect it has something to do with my Mom's magick touch though that pretty much everything she sticks in the ground grows. We also repoted some other cuttings she had stuck in pots a few months ago, all but one of them had roots and was doing well. We divided up some more lettuce and helped my Dad with the mowing and that was it.

I finally got the document's I needed to set up a bank account, they are amazingly strict out here because of money laundering. So I had all my ducks in a row and expected to be handed an account number. Not so, the wheels grind more slowly over here and perhaps I will have an account mid-this week, perhaps not.

Yesterday I stayed home and cleaned house and did the laundry. I need to be careful I find that when I'm home alone with not much to do (I was done cleaning by late afternoon) I tend to much, not so good for the old waistline.

I had disturbed dreams last night, I dreamt about the end of the world with fire and water comming down from the sky. Another strange dream was that I was doing surgery on myself and realized I needed a hand sewing things up again and had to call for [livejournal.com profile] krkhst to help me sew my liver and pancreas back into place, very strange. I also dreamed that B & K had arrived that that I was picking up the girl out of her bed and she gave me a big hug, that was nice.


Sep. 28th, 2005 02:14 pm
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I'm trying to get that damn statement out of my head (and I have a second one comming up this evening, yes institutional abuse was that prevalent), so here's what I got up to yesterday. I actually went to the local SCA light weapons fighter practice. It was quite amusing as there was one Irish person there (not even from Dublin) other than that we had a Canadien, an Aussi, a New Zealander, a Dutchman, an American and various other flavors or ex patriots. It seems the Irish are not into this kind of stuff ;-) I was graciously escorted by a lovely Australian Theoretical Physicist who walked me to the practice and then took me back to the bus stop. Unfortunately I missed my bus by about 30 seconds as a result of which I had to wait for another hour for the next one. Considering I am usually in bed by nine right now, an 11 o'clock bedtime was pretty exhausting. Because of this I slept in a little and caught a later bus which was full and I had to stand for about 30 minutes until the first person got off. Not my morning.

I'm dreading that next statement.


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