Feb. 5th, 2008 01:32 pm
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I'm interviewing for a job here at the Long Room Hub Project in about 45 minutes, keep you fingers crossed.
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I just scored some free disposable plates, bowls and glasses for the upcomming space of festivities, and these things are good quality so we will be able to wash them and re-use them over and over. They are not quite dishwasher safe but hey, you can't have everything.

I just got a nibble from a recruiter about a job at Penney's (JC Penny's here) as Senior Buying Department Administrator, sounds interesting, the only problem is that it's 8:45am to 5:45pm which is nice for getting up in the morning but I wouldn't be home till 7:00pm at night which would suck. I told them I was interested, maybe there is something to be done about the hours. Adecco Ireland also contacted me but I don't think anything concrete will happen there until I'm actually in country. Still stuff is moving :-)

We will be mailing two more boxes tonight, that leaves three packed ready to go in our living room, I may be able to get those out tomorow.

I just read a post by an old and dear friend of mine which reminded me of the magical life we as witches should be living. I wish I was able to hang out with her and dance around a fire more often, she is one of the most beautiful, strong people I know and she's a blast at a party.
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I sent in my resume to google, we shall see if the position is still open, I'm not holding my breath on this because it would just be too sweet but you never know. Thanks to the lovly [ profile] ingridsummers for feeding me yesterday, my bloodsugar was realy starting to tank. I have lots of thoughts buzzing round my head, did I have to wait till right before I leave to start all these cool conversations and threads? You know I could have gotten off my lazy butt earlier and then I would have more time with a whole bunch of intellingent and wonderful people to process all this stuff. Note to self, "be more motivated even when you are not moving across continents".


Aug. 2nd, 2005 10:13 am
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I just found a potentially open job at Google European Headquarters, it's an Administrative Assistant, I wonder if they pay enough? Need to get my resume in tonight, I thing I would like working for them.


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