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Apr. 23rd, 2012 01:57 pm
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I figured it was time to post some updates, the girl is doing splendidly, growing like a weed, my Mother insists she is starting to see hips but I'm not sure I'm ready for that yet :-)

She loves school even though she has a bit of a git for a teacher. This lady has called us in (sort of like being summoned to the Principals Office) on two separate occasions now. This entails one of us taking at least half a day off work. One would think neither phones nor emails were invented yet. The crux of these meetings is generally that her spelling continues to be creative at times and that she has too much of an imagination for this lady. The last time we were summoned, B went because I just didn't have he patience for it, she very seriously told him how Kate had made up an elaborate story about finding a fairy in a drain and having to take her to hospital. She then asked whether she did "this kind of thing" at home to which my awesome husband replied, Why, yes :-) I'll be glad when she leaves her class in a few months.

We just switched to a new riding stables and had our first lesson there last weekend. It was amazing, this place is a lot more professional and Kate was grinning ear to ear the whole time. [livejournal.com profile] krkhst you would love it.

On the reading front [livejournal.com profile] paradigmslost and Kate are working their way through the Wizard of Oz again, she's been promised the Hobbit after this. I'm reading a lot of Winnie the Witch stories with her, these are small books with 4 stories in each of them and they are hilarious, I would recommend them to any kid around Kate's age. There are also some picture books for younger kids with Winnie and her cat Wilbour in them.

I need a new Kate icon :-)

Kate's Room

Jul. 6th, 2011 11:31 am
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Here are the promised pictures of Kate's room makeover.

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It all started with Mom remarking that Kate really really needed a closet to hang up clothes. Up to now we have been making do with a chest of drawers and that really wasn't working any more. So she decided that she was going to get her Girl a closet for her birthday. People who know us will see where this is going, especially my lovely long suffering husband.

So we look at the Ikea catalogue but don't find anything really inspiring in it, just some maybes. We decide that we were going Ikea shopping to see what we can find. So we look and we look and we can't find any nice closets that we like. But we did find a very cute little desk including pink child sized office chair for peanuts and then we find this system where you can basically hang a clothes rail and shelves on the wall also for peanuts. So at this stage Kate is getting a new desk and closet space for the price of what we were expecting to pay for just the closet. Now, Mom is saying we really need to get her room painted while we are doing all this. Let me explain, that when we moved in our builder basically gave the whole place two coats of plain white paint. Newly built houses settle, creating cracks, so we were planning to to paint around this time anyway. The house did indeed shift and we have some cracks the size of the grand canyon, in addition to some damp spots on the ceiling from when the house was initially drying out and we had to install extra vents in the attic. I love my husband but he doesn't see the grand canyon on our walls, so the fact that we were painting seems to have caught him by surprise. We figured this was the opportunity to get started on the job so we set out to get some paint. Upon consultation with the Girl we settled on a bright lemon yellow for the accent walls and a clear white that will go around the entire building when we are done.

Last Saturday was the start of our project the room was emptied and Kate moved in with me. All the cracks and other imperfections like nail holes were filled and left to dry, we did some preliminary painting that day. On Sunday we painted our little hearts out, thankfully one coat did a reasonable job because we just didn't have enough time for two. On Monday I had to go back to work, Mom, who is amazing and absolutely crazy, painted all the base boards as well as 1st and second coats on the chest of drawers (which was going the same yellow as the walls), the door and a touch up on the pink book shelves which had gotten a bit dinged since we painted them. On Tuesday she finished painting the furniture and cleaned the floor, sanding away any paint or crayon marks. In the evening I moped around the bed which was still in the middle of the room and then oiled the floorboards. Wednesday, Mom moved the furniture back to the walls and sorted through various and sundry toys and bits and pieces (there are a LOT of bits and pieces). A bag of trash was secretly smuggled out of the house (Kate is a hamster, she can't bear to get rid of anything). That evening I oiled the rest of the floor and we collapsed into bed.

Yesterday it was the Girl's birthday, we got up had breakfast and I took her to school at 9:30, she had a short day as it was the last day of school so I had to pick her up again at 12:30. That's about 2 1/2 hours of working time. I came home and we launched ourselves into a frenzy of flat pack assembly. Don't get me wrong as flat packs go Ikea is great. Still the desk had about 50,000 pieces. I think Mom put the last screw in about 2 minutes before we came back in the door after school.

We had hoped to have the closet set up as well but we did that in the afternoon after a shoe shopping trip and lunch in Naas. By the way don't ever trust that your walls are completely plumb, they never are. It took us 3 times as much time to mark where the bloody screws needed to go and to actually put the shelves up :-)

Now we're knackered and we still have a big birthday party to get through tomorrow. Still it was completely worth it for the look on our Girl's face. I'll post pictures when we are completely done.

The Kate

Feb. 18th, 2010 11:09 am
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I talk to Kate every morning, I call around 8:30am when I'm at my desk and she's up and about. This morning she opened the conversation with "Guess what I'm doing Mama?".

"What are you doing Sweetie?"

"I'm eating an ice lolly!"


For those wondering the aforementioned ice lolly was made yesterday and consists of yoghurt, strawberries, a little milk and some honey. I am not in fact feeding my daughter dessert for breakfast :-) She was so pleased with herself.


Nov. 27th, 2009 09:09 am
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I asked Kate what she was thankful for last night, she thought for a moment and replied "all the love I get from everyone".
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Kate (singing at the top of her lungs, can't remember what it was)

Eva (makes comment)

Kate (giving her Mother the stink eye) "Mama you just extracted me"

Eva (Rolling on the floor laughing)

Kate (More stink eye and a dignified flounce out of the room)
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Today was Kate's first day at the Allenwood Girl's School, she looks adorable in her uniform (pictures to follow) and basically charged into the classroom while I was looking for her coat hanger. When I finally found her again she was happily chatting to a friend from Bright Sparks and completely oblivious to her waving Mama.

I'm very glad we did a trial run with the uniform yesterday because she became quite distressed at the shirt collar. She's never had to wear anything so tight around her neck and was convinced it was waaaayyyyyy too tight (I hadn't even put the tie on her at this stage). But she was eventually comforted and everything went smoothly this morning.
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Kate in bathtub, Hubby trying to get her to come out and dry off.

B: "Do you want to get out now or do you want a few more minutes?"

K: "A few more minutes"

B: "Ok but in a few minutes I don't want to hear any fussing"

K: "Ok but in a few more minutes I don't want to hear any bossing"
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I finally go the chain of my pentacle repaired, the Kate managed to finally break it a few months ago and I didn't realize how much I missed it till I put it back on again. It's a very simple 1/2" silver pentacle hanging from a pretty long chain so it's quite discreet. I bought it over a decade ago at a store in Columbia and have worn it on various incarnations of chains ever since.

On another note has anyone ever had sinus surgery, I just got done having a CT scan and have a meeting scheduled with a specialist in 3 weeks to see if surgery is indicated. It seems like it's a pretty low stress procedure as surgeries go but it's still anesthesia and an overnight hospital stay.

The last bit is me being a very proud Mama, Kate wrote her first unassisted words today; first "Mama" then "Papa" then "Oma" all without assistance from her grandmother. Mom then demonstrated "Kate" and there was a bit of stress because she wasn't writing fast enough and the girl complained about the "e" being missing. Pretty good for a kid who just turned 4 :-)
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I completely forgot to post about this earlier. Last night my Mom and I had settled in with a nice glass and a bag of potato chips in her room upstairs. We were watching the TV about the Chelsea Flower Show when my daughter came in and very seriously and calmly said "Mama, there's and Emergency...the bath is overflowing". Well I levitated off my Mom's bed because I realized that in all the talk and wine I had completely forgotten that I was drawing a bath for the big girl. Several towels and much laughing later with no damage done she was very proud of herself. She was of the opinion that she had handled everything like a true firefighter and I agree :-)
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We are so proud of our daughter, despite feeling quite poorly over the last week Kate has continued to go without her pull-ups during the night with only a couple of accidents (that were our fault for not insisting she go potty before bed). One night she came down and asked for her pull-ups which I thought was so good of her because she knew she was feeling quite sick and may not make it to the potty. But for the most part our 3 year old daughter has left the diapers behind and seems to be rapidly heading for college age. Sigh :-)
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Last night [livejournal.com profile] paradigmslost made some very tasty hamburgers, this I believe was the first time our daughter has seen a hamburger. She took one look at it and proceeded to pick the hamburger off the bread, declaring it yucky. She liked the mayonnaise and the parsnip fries but the hamburger was a no go (bear in mind that she is a dedicated carnivore). Our Irish friends think we are food Nazis but I'm very happy that Kate has never seen the inside of a McDonalds and it's not like we restrict her to just rabbit food, we have pizza and ice cream and other treats but her regular diet is pretty healthy. Her favourite foods are cookies, sausages, pickles, cheese, plain yoghurt and pretty much any raw vegetable.


Feb. 14th, 2007 10:35 am
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Kate has started singing, a couple of nights ago I was relaxing in the tub listening to [livejournal.com profile] paradigmslost and our daughter next door in the bedroom. He was singing "itsy bitsy spider" to her and suddenly she started to sing with him. It was too cute for words. She seems to have a very good ear and can often repeat notes exactly on pitch.
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Poor Katie is running a temperature and is pretty poorly, no indication of why she's running the temperature she's just very our of it and hot. We put her in our bed so we could keep an eye on her and left her there surrounded by her stuffed toys. A few minutes ago the pitter patter of little feet was heard and [livejournal.com profile] paradigmslost went to check on her. She was in her own, very bare bed, butt sticking in the air. When asked whether she wanted to sleep in her own bed she nodded, her Papa retrieved her friends and we are setting our alarm clock to periodically check on her during the night to make sure she doesn't take a turn for the worse.

I hate it when my little girl is sick, it makes me feel ueber helpless.


May. 31st, 2006 09:51 pm
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Poor Katie is a miserable little girl, her temperature has been spiking between 101F to 105F all last night and today. We took her to the doctor and she is (reluctantly) taking antibiotics for the first time. The Doctor said he would usually have a wait and see policy but that Kate is so sick he is sure we would be back in the office in a few days. Hopefully by tomorow afternoon the medicine will have kicked in, she really is feeling crapy.

To top it off both [livejournal.com profile] paradigmslost and I have the same bug and some of his relatives are visiting. We are not having a good time especially the girl.


Mar. 20th, 2006 01:43 pm
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I just got off the phone with [livejournal.com profile] paradigmslost, in the background is our girl loudly proclaiming NO, over and over again. Apart from the fact that she should be napping right now, she was being very opinionated about something. I asked B what she was protesting about and he said that she was scolding the new vaccum cleaner he had just put together. He hadn't actually run it yet but she hates the noise and was getting a head start on giving out to it for being noisy.

Too funny.
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K seems to have turned the corner, her snot has turned clear again and the cough doesn't seem to be rattling as deeply in her chest anymore. I was about ready to reach for the antibiotics because I was afraid the cough would settle in her chest but it seems we won't have to. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for antibiotics when they are needed, thankfully they don't seem to be needed this time.

Thanks for all the advice that I got, it really helped.

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I spoke too soon a couple of days ago, K came down with a nasty cold so I'm operating on very very little sleep which is not a good thing as those of you who know me are aware. Currently I'm sucking down a cup of tea in the hopes it will settle my stomach. [livejournal.com profile] paradigmslost took the big girl to the doctor yesterday and we have a prescription for antibiotics in case we need it but I doubt that we will. Lot's of liquids, lots of rest and some panadol will be the order of the day. She slept with me for quite a while last night because she couldn't settle in her crib, I had her proped up on my chests so she could breathe easier, it was very sweet except for the periodic coughs and the laboured breathing. This morning there was a bloody nose and much fussage unfortunately I had to leave to catch my bus that was not so nice. I just called and she is doing better, she and the Papa are going to veg on the couch and watch nature programs today, wish I was there.
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Despite not having an oficial ritual to go to it was important to me that there be some kind of BlueStarness to my Mabon. So I mooched some candles from my Mom, made dinner for myself and toasted the Gods as I transfered the Fire from Summer to Winter. I even had some chocolate in the house so all my food bases are covered.

My parents are quite adamant that I must speedily learn how to drive on Irish roads (which can be quite tiny) driving a stick shift even. Those who know me well, know that I don't drive a stick shift. This has been a bit of a challenge and has caused my mother's car a bit of distress over the last two weekends. Thankfully during the week I'm home too late and too tired to get more lessons. I am however making progress and soon I will be speeding away on the Irish motorways. No matter what I will continue to take the bus to work as congestion makes the trip by car almost twice as long and I couldn't afford the parking anyway.

I found the most amazing cheese shop today, it's called Sheridan's and if you are ever in town and like cheese you should stop by it's amazing. I also took a quick turn down Grafton St. resisting the flower vendors since I have about five hours to go before I'm home tonight and I would hate for them to wilt.

I miss B and K dreadfuly however I am reliably informed that the big girl is having a blast with her cousins. After arriving at my in-laws she apparently turned up her nose at the food they had there (pretty much all prepackaged and preprepared), B had to go to a farmers market to pick up some proper food (fresh avocados, blueberries and soy milk). That's my girl.
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View from Above
Originally uploaded by EvaLiz.
New pictures of Kate if you're interested.


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