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Yesterday I was in a bit of a funk,had a 10€ voucher for my favourite local bookstore and couldn't even find anything to spend it on. After I came home Mom and I were going to go dig up our herbs and pot them up but Kate was really tired and really really wanted her Mama and it was raining so Brian and Mom are going to take care of the garden today. I swear I don't know what I would do without them.

Since Brian won't be watching our friends little boy any more we are now looking for a playgroup for Kate to spend perhaps 3 half days in, purely for the company. It's sad really that no one over here keeps their kids home so there is just no company for her if we kept her home all the time. The kids generally get warehoused in crèches for 9-10 hours a day from when they are about 6 months, they then move on to pre-school between 2 and 3 depending on their stage of development and by 4 they get plopped into a real school. Talk about performance pressure at an early age. Whatever happened to the freedoms of childhood? of having no commitments other than cleaning up your teddies at the end of the day and brushing your teeth. I have to say I am extremely doubtful of the all round comprehensive management that children experience these days in order for them to "excel" in school and later at a job. From what I can tell the only benefit is keeping both parents productive worker bees and grooming the children to follow in their footsteps. I know children are resilient little things but they shouldn't have to become happy productive adults *despite* the institutions that our society puts them through.


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