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A recent post by [livejournal.com profile] krkhst brought this to mind. I would love to be completely off the grid, to accomplish this we are looking at various different alternative energy sources that will depend partially on our location and the topography. Firstly the plan is to build a very energy efficient home that will stay cool in the summer (very important if you know me and my Mom) and will retain heat well in the winter. As I mentioned before I want a piece of property with a substantial stand of trees that can be managed to provide solid fuel, we also want to install solar panels. Many years ago when we lived in Mountshannon we had a combination of a cast iron solid fuel cooker that heated the house as well as the water, with an electric hub and oven for when the cooker was impractical to use, there was also a backup water heating system. This is the kind of set up I'm envisioning. I have a small concern about the level of technology necessary to maintain the solar panels so I would also like to explore windpower which is lower tech and more likely to be locally fixable if something goes wrong. Other options include water power (not as practical in MN due to freezing in the winter) and geothermal energy (I'm not sure what the entails exactly but it sure sounds cool).

On a similar note my Mom was talking about building a cold press that utilizes the low temperatures in the permafrost layer to cool the contents. What you do is dig a pipe down into the permafrost layer (about 6 feet or so) and bring it up again so that air can circulate, these opening lead into the bottom of the cold press. Clever isn't it.


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