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As is customary in BlueStar circles we had about four times as much food as was required for the amount of people we had. However it was a hit, as I unwrapped the excellent cheeses I had bought for appetizers my dear husband with his back turned to me remarked that he thought that K's nappy seemed in need of a change. Yes the cheese was that good. I spiced and roasted almonds left over from making the yule cookies and they too were delicious. Thankfully the cheese did not last too long after the German contingent started into it, by the way K loves stinky cheese. The girl made out like a bandit, she is now the proud owner of a leopard that is about her size and a blue dog that is larger than she is as well as a rocking horse which is the hit of the season. Add to this an assortment of books, clothes and miscellanea and I'm not sure where we are going to put it all. I think next year we will start a tradition of picking out old toys and taking them to charity as well as buying some new presents for kids who are not as lucky as K is. I am so glad that my parents are able to have this time with their grandaughter. Dinner was finished off with, though I admit it myself, some tasty chocolate mousse. At this point my father was way overdue for his nap and K was getting ready for tubby time. After the girl was put to bed her father and I indulged in some well deserved nookie under the yule tree.

It was a perfect day.

Right now my two guys are upstairs taking a nap but I expect to be paged any moment since K has almost been down for 2 hours now.

I'm a very lucky woman.
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I drove into the dawn on my bus this morning, traffic was light and we got through quickly. Now it's overcast and kind of grey but new beginnings are in the air. I'm pretty much the only person in the office today everyone else just stayed home, tomorow the College closed down until January 3rd. This is time off in addition to any vacation we get, yeah for European time off policies. Once I'm permanently employed here I will get 21 days of vacation plus about a week of time off around certain holidays that is extra as well as the holidays themselves. On Tuesday we had our Christams luncheon at "1592" which is the swanky restaurant on campus run by the catering school. It was amazing at my table we had 8 people and started off with 6 bottles of wine on the table, 3 red, 3 white. It wasn't plonk either, the red was amazing and I would be surprised if it cost any less than €30 a pop. I had deep fried brie with a cranberry relish for a starter and filet mignon with a pepper sauce as a main course. I decided on Blackforrest Gateaux for dessert, this was accompanied by an excellent ice wine and coffee. After all that a bottle of port made the rounds. I was more than three sheets to the wind and I drank significantly less than most. We started at 1pm (I was expecting to be back in the office by 2:30pm or so) around 4pm I asked whether we were going back to work, this comment was greeted with much laughter and finger pointing. So I went and caught an early bus and was home by 5:30pm. I am told the party went on after I left and eventually ended up in some pub or other. My office mate can't remember how she got home. What can I say, it's Ireland.

Today I am wrapping up bits and pieces and will be taken out to lunch by my boss, I suspect I'm going home after that. I will stop by a store called Sherridan's which has the reputation for being the best cheese shop in Ireland where I plan to pick up some swanky cheeses for our Christmas dinner. I also need to find some good chocolate as I want to make chocolate mousse for dessert.

All the most wonderful Yule wishes to everyone, may the new sun tickle your nose and make you happy.


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