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First of all if you don't know me very well and are reading this, please believe me when I say that I'm not a survivalist nut. I have never been seen in any kind of camo gear nor do I have a rack of guns in my bedroom closet. I hope I don't come across as too big a nut, I don't have the gift of words that [livejournal.com profile] paradigmslost or [livejournal.com profile] onyxtwilight have but please consider what I'm saying.

I'm afraid, I'm not talking about the big climate change that we all know (at least most of us) is coming, nor am I talking about the sweeping social changes that are due in the next couple of decades. I'm afraid for myself and my friends because it might be too late.

My family has been making serious plans for life once we get back to the states a life that we intend to include living off the grid and supplying most of our own needs. We have a shot at doing this partly because my Mother will be joining us and she will be bringing expertise and some money into this venture that will make it possible for us to purchase land and start building.

Recently more and more I'm hearing about black outs for days on end, even my husband's family is starting to get a little worried and are doubting the status quo party line. I can't help but believe that this is going to be the norm rather than the exception in the future. What really frightens me is what will happen if the water supply of a major metropolitan city like Las Vegas for instance starts to fail. You can live without heat for a while, you can't live without water.

I know that many of my friends agree with me that this kind of social upheaval is going to happen but I see very little from them in terms of preparation for it. Everyone lives their lives one day at a time. Granted places like Mpls will not be the first to go, but it gets damn cold in the winter, it won't take a lot (for instance a severe oil shortage) to make things very very uncomfortable even unlivable for many of the people I love. Please start thinking about this in concrete terms, you have a solid community that will not laugh at you when you start to talk about this.

As a friend I truly love likes to say, we have more tools than the average bear. People in our community have so many skills that are going to be vital, not just the Blue Star crowd but we have connections into the SCA too. Let's face it if anyone is going to survive when society collapses it's going to be the blacksmiths and carpenters and weavers and canners and bread makers, the ones that can throw a pot and the ones that can grow their own food. I know these people they are my community, we just need to start talking about the very large pachyderm in the room and get our ducks in a row.


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